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Sangean H201 “Digital Tuned” Waterproof Shower Radio Review

In this article I’m going to be writing about the Sangean H201 Digital tuned Waterproof Shower Radio.

Like any other radio there are positives and negatives for the Sangean as well. But I must admit, there are far more positives with this model Sangean than any other shower radio I’ve ever tried or reviewed.

Solidly built, cool “useful” options and great sound make this THE shower radio to get.

And after looking at quite a few other waterproof radios for the shower, or even the beach, I’ve decided that this is the one that should be my number one pick. And there are a lot of reasons for this that I’ll write about below so you can make a really clear decision if this is the right shower radio for you.

If you are in a hurry you can click here and go straight through to see the Sangean H201 in action…

H201  Radio Reception:

This radio has really great reception for such a small radio. I’ve literally used it in the bathroom in my basement and it picked up a lot of my favorite FM stations! That’s pretty powerful!

Other “shower radios” have fell short on the reception part. Not this one. And I’m not alone on this. (link to reviews)

I tried a few AM stations and it seems okay, but I just really don’t listen to AM radio. So can’t say too much here. I have heard from others that the AM reception isn’t as great as the FM. So something to consider.

The H201 receives all 7 NOAA weather channels and has a siren function that will alert you during extreme weather conditions or emergencies to help you be prepared and safe. It will pick up the NOAA weather station even if you’re not near a major city which is great as well. And due to being waterproof, this makes for a great kind of survivalist radio or emergency/disaster radio.

One really cool feature that is not described well in the listing is that the FM antenna in the back swings around to become a beautiful and very solid semi-circular handle for the radio, so you can carry it around the house very easily. Or use it to suspend the radio from your shower curtain rod.

Be Aware – if you’re not getting great FM reception, make sure you’re using the antenna. It comes wrapped up in the battery case when you take it out of the box.

Okay, so what’s this PPL Digital Tuning stuff?

To keep it simple, it helps lock in the radio station. Now instead of making this article more geeky than it already is, if this is something you want to dig into, check out this link as I think it is one of the most clearly written introductions to phase-locked loop (PLL).

Also, this shower radio has digital push button direct tuning. What this means is that you don’t need to “scroll through” all the stations to find what you want. You can simply input the station directly. Nice!

And these are all digital type buttons. NOT the old style big knobs.

With its DSP Tuner and 20 presets (10 FM, 5 AM, 5WX) all your favorite stations can be easily and accurately stored.

The Sangean H201  Shower Radio’s Water Resistance:

Sangean H201 Radio

Seeing this is built specifically for the shower, it makes sense that it’s waterproof!

But this is something that is really important to distinguish, especially when you have electric and water mixed together.

Most radios are water resistant, if that. Not waterproof.

According to the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) for water resistance, which the Sangean H201 adheres to their standards, water resistant is not Immersion resistant or submersible.

But the Sangean IS waterproof AND submersible! In fact, it meets the same waterproofing standards that are equal to Marine radio standards. Even though the sales litarature is a bit confusing on this. They say both “waterproof” and “water resistant”. But mine has been waterproof, so far 😉

This radio is also perfect for hanging out poolside, camping and fishing trips, or even the beach! And it even floats if you do drop it in the water. Although I wouldn’t keep it under water for too long.

And if you use it in salt water, you should definitely think about rinsing it off with fresh water right after.

Sangean H201 Digital tuned Radio Power:

This radio for the shower takes 2 alkaline “D” batteries. Yeah, those old style HUGE heavy ones.

You can use rechargeable batteries if you want, but it really isn’t necessary.

If you just use it in your shower for 15 to 30 minutes a day, just those two batteries are going to last far more than a year, and most likely up to two years. So power is not really a concern for me. Really.

There is a battery level indicator at the top left corner of the LCD screen so you’re able to see when the batteries are on their way out as well. Nice so you don’t go to take a shower and find a dead radio!

This is sold without batteries! So you will need to buy you own. The best value for batteries are simply Amazon’s own labeled batteries. They are a great value and last about as long as the more expensive brands.

Or you can go the rechargeable route with these. They’ll last you a lifetime plus.

It also has an AC adapter jack so you use it to plug into the wall. Perfect for pool side listening. But the AC adapter isn’t included. Right now it’s less than ten bucks if you do want it. In addition the charger can be used for both the Sangean H202 or the H201.

Sangean H201 Digital Radio’s LED Console & Controls:

The controls are easy to operate, well placed and intuitive. The LED console is easy to see, even if you’re eyes aren’t the best. (I don’t wear my reading glasses in the shower!)

The LED readout tells you the station when tuning the radio, and then defaults back to the clock. So the next time the spouse says you’ve been in the shower for an hour, you can say “nope, 23 minutes!” with authority 😉

You’re able to pre-set up to 20 presets (10 FM, 5 AM, 5WX). The controls are simple to operate and changing between FM1, FM2, AM, and weather radio is easy. And you can just scan the stations too to see what’s available.

The Sangean Shower Radio’s Sound:

The radio is a “mono” speaker system. That means it isn’t going to compete with a “stereo” radio. But heck, it’s a shower radio. What do you need???

Even though the radio is a mono, it still has great sound. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I was. Even when it gets totally wet, the sound is pretty good for a little hanging radio.

The one problem though, there is no “tone” button!

Not the biggest deal, but I like being able to decide how much tone or bass my music has. And you can’t really do this. Not a huge deal as the sound is good without adjusting, but it would be a nice feature for further models.

There is no jack for headphones.


It’s easy enough to hang your shower radio. The radio comes packaged with both a bracket system for a more permanent application, or 3 – double sided pieces of tape that you’d think wouldn’t hold this radio up well, but works great.

And don’t forget that you could even just use the antenna if you want to make a kind of handle. It’s definitely strong enough and does two jobs for one.

There are also two holes on the back if you just want to add some nails or screws to the wall and hang it like that.

H201 Extra Features:

There are a few other features that I haven’t covered yet that I’ll go over here.

The first is the emergency flashlight. This, while it may sound a bit dumb, is actually great when there is a power outage. And yeah, it did happen to me once. So I was grateful to have it.

It also came in hand on a camping trip as a flashlight when my “real” flashlight went dead. So I used this to find the extra batteries. Way better than using a caveman torch and burning down my tent!

And it’s pretty bright too. If you don’t need it, great. But if you ever do, even better.

The second feature is the alarm. A lot of people I think are confused on what it’s for. I know it took me a little figuring out. But you can set the alarm to go off so you can get out of the shower then I guess? A little strange, but it’s there. Maybe they thought for those of us that use it for camping?

There is also a timer. It’ll automatically shut off after the amount of time you tell it to. I guess that could be useful?

Want a Bluetooth model of the H201???

Check out the Sangean H202 AM/FM/Weather, Digital tuned Waterproof Shower Radio with Bluetooth.

Pros & Cons…

Good reception and sound – this sounds great and gets all the stations I want. The sound is way better than I had originally imagined.
Well built – the case even “feels” well built. You’re not afraid of moving it around or throwing it in your backpack. A real sturdy piece of kit.
Easy on-off wall attachment included – everything you need (minus batteries) right out f the box.
Uses standard D batteries – this could be a pro or con depending. But I like these are D’s that’ll last at least a year.
Large, easy to read LCD that displays the station and time – I need reading glasses. The scorn of men over 40! But this LED is easy to read, even in a steamy shower. So I’m grateful for such a display. And there’s a clock! That’s important to me.

Cost – this is probably the biggest drawback for most people. Usually when you think “shower radio”, you’re thinking of something cheap and easy. The only problem with that is usually cheap means “cheap!” Like as in lasts a week and has crappy sound and no functions. So the cost here is well worth a durable radio that will last you for years to come rather than replacing a horribly sounding radio every other week.

A bit on the large size and a bit heavy – this isn’t a pocket sized radio. It’s dimensions are 9.3″ x 5.5″ x 2.2″ Not the biggest gadget, but not super small either. But I personally like the size. But maybe you wouldn’t?

My Final Thoughts on The Sangean H201 Digital tuned Waterproof Shower Radio…

I could obviously go on for a long time here. Personally I like this radio a lot. It’s well built, not too expensive and delivers everything I want or need in a shower radio. And I believe if you’re looking for a great shower radio too, you’ll be thrilled with this one. Makes a great gift as well!

You can check out the best price and get even more feedback on the Sangean H201 Digital tuned Waterproof Shower Radio here.

Let me know what YOU think by leaving your own review below!

Feature List:

Built-in AM/FM antenna with PLL digital tuning
5 station presets for each band; AM & FM
auto seek function for scanning radio stations
Water resistant up to JIS7 standard
Large and easy to read backlit LCD control panel
Hardware for hanging included – tape and brackets that are easy to apply
Built-in AM/FM antenna with PLL digital tuning
10 station presets and auto seek function
AC adapter jack
emergency flashlight
Sturdy & well built case
Digital battery level indicator
Marine standard waterproofing

Plus a lot more…

You can check out Sangean’s newest products at their company’s website here

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