Samsung HW-K450 Review

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Samsung HW-K450

Samsung HW-K450 Sound Bar: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Samsung products range from petrochemicals to skyscrapers but their flagship brand Samsung Electronics produces a great line of quality sound bars. The company’s “HW” sound bar begins with the high end HW-K950 for around $1,500 and ends with the budget minded HW-K360 for around $150. Samsung’s product line provides an option for every budget or home theater requirement. Today’s article reviews everything you need to know before buying a Samsung HW-K450 sound bar.

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Product Summary

Samsung’s HW-K450 provides a good entry-level sound bar for customers who may choose to expand their sound bar system in the future. Samsung’s HW-K450 is ideal for 35” to 45” inch televisions and mounted to the wall, television stand or placed on a flat surface. The stock system offers 2.1 channels, 300 watts of power and a wireless subwoofer. You can expand the system by adding wireless rear speakers specifically designed for this sound bar by Samsung. The stock system includes a lot of nice features for the price we’ll cover in this product summary.

Speakers and Amplifiers

The sound bar encloses four full-range drivers powered by an integrated amplifier delivering 160 watts of power. The wireless 6” side-firing subwoofer is powered by a built in 140 watt amplifier. Total system power reaches 300 watts, which isn’t going to blow you away, but it will fill a medium sized room with quality sound.

Surround Sound Support

You shouldn’t expect theater quality digital surround sound from a 2.1 channel sound bar at this price point but the HW-K450 does a decent job. The onboard Surround Sound Expansion software provides virtual surround sound and takes full advantage of the sound bars full-range speakers and wireless subwoofer. If you really want sound behind you we recommend upgrading this sound bar with the SWA-8000S wireless surround sound speaker kit from Samsung. This add-on adds 80 watts of power to the system and will fill a room with sound but again it’s not true “surround sound” due to the limited number of channels on this sound bar.

TV Sound Connect

Samsung televisions can be connected to the HW-K450 sound bar wirelessly using a Bluetooth feature called TV Sound Connect. This allows you to skip the cables and keep your sound bar installation free of clutter while freeing up an HDMI slot on your television for another device. TV Sound Connect isn’t available on every Samsung television so check before you get too excited about this feature or just buy a new television. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Bluetooth Support

The Samsung HW-K450 supports Bluetooth connections allowing you to stream music and podcasts from any Bluetooth enabled device. Pairing a device you’re your sound bar is straightforward. Simply select “Bluetooth” using the source button on the remote control and locate the sound bar using your Bluetooth device’s connection menu.

Listening Modes

The Samsung HW-K450 offers five listening modes to enhance the sound produced by the sound bar. You can put the sound bar in “music” mode to enhance streaming music, “movie” mode for bigger sound effects and virtual surround sound, “clear voice” mode to help you hear what’s being said, “Sports” mode for live broadcasts and “Night Mode” which evens out large volume changes between commercials and the program you’re watching. These modes are all selected from the remote control.

Samsung HW-K450 Product Images

Samsung HW-K450 Technical Specifications

Size:                            35.8” wide x 2.1” deep x 2.8” high

Weight:                       4.4 pounds (20.5 pounds for shipping)

Color:                          Black

Power:                        300 total watts (160w sound bar, 140w subwoofer)

Amplifier:                   Integrated

Channels:                   2.1 Channels

Speakers:                   4 Full-Range Drivers in Sound Bar, Wireless Subwoofer

Surround Sound:      Virtual surround sound

Television Size:          35” to 45” inches

Enclosure:                  Acoustically sealed plastic

Samsung HW-K450 Connectivity

  • One 3.5mm minijack audio input
  • One HDMI in / out with Audio Return Channel
  • One RCA Stereo audio input
  • One Optical (TosLink) digital audio input
  • One Coaxial digital audio input
  • One 2.4ghz wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth

What Problems do People Have with the HW-K450?

You’ll need to purchase the correct screws if you plan to mount this sound bar on the wall. The installation kit provides mounting hardware for the sound bar but doesn’t provide dry wall or stone wall screws. Don’t plan on the mounting brackets to match drywall studs due to the placement of the hardware on the sound bar. Knowing this ahead of time will hopefully save you some installation frustration and an unplanned trip to the Home Depot.

The bass sound may be set lower than you prefer at the factory so make sure you set the bass sound level by selecting “Sound Control” a few times until “Bass” is displayed. Set the level of bass as desired and you’ll be set to watch your favorite action movie explosions!

People who purchase the add-on surround sound speakers often complain about the sound volume being two low on the rear speakers but this is easily corrected. You must pair the speakers to the sound bar first and then press the “Sound Control” button on the remote until you see “Rear Level” displayed to adjust the sound level for the rear speakers.

Pros and Cons for the Samsung HW-K450

  • Pro: Slim form factor is easy to place on furniture or wall mounts.
  • Pro: Display light dims after a few seconds, which is nice in a dark room.
  • Pro: Wireless subwoofer has decent range on 2.4ghz and adds nicely to the sound.
  • Pro: Pairs wirelessly with Samsung televisions that support TV Sound Connect.
  • Pro: You can expand the system with wireless rear speakers.
  • Pro: Good sound for a 300 watt 2.1 channel entry-level sound bar system.
  • Con: Bluetooth device range has been a problem for some customers.
  • Con: Doesn’t include dry wall anchors or stone / metal screws for wall mounting.
  • Con: Mounting hardware doesn’t line up with standard wall stud widths.
  • Con: 2.1 channels limit its surround sound capability.
  • Con: Clear Voice and Night Mode filters sometimes miss the mark.

What’s in the Box?

Samsung includes the following items with every HW-K450 shipped:

  • One remote control with a lithium battery.
  • Two power cords (one for the sound bar and one for the subwoofer).
  • One AC/DC adapter.
  • One optical cable (Toslink).
  • One wall mounting guide.
  • Two wall mounting brackets (left and right).
  • Two holder screws and two screws for wall mounting.
  • Manual

How Simple is it to Install the Samsung HW-K450?

Installation should take you less than ten minutes unless you are mounting it on the wall. Regardless of how you mount the HW-K450 you should place it at least two inches below and centered with the television screen. The sound bar speakers should be facing the audience close to eye level with the subwoofer placed near your seat for the best possible sound experience.

Installing the HW-K450 on the Wall

Mounting the HW-K450 on a wall isn’t difficult but you’ll need a few tools to make the job easy. We recommend a level, cordless drill and the correct screws for the materials in your wall. The sound bar comes with mounting plates and screws for the sound bar but you need to purchase screws for your wall. Dry wall anchors or screws for stone, wood or metal walls can be purchased at your local Home Depot or hardware store. If you’re in doubt take a picture of your wall and sound bar mounting kit to your local home store and ask for help finding the right screws.

Note: The HW-K450 can only be mounted on a vertical wall so keep that in mind before attempting to mount the sound bar on the wall.

Place the wall-mounting guide against the wall at least two inches below and centered with the television screen. Make sure the wall-mounting guide is level and mark the drill holes as shown in the manual with a pencil. Double check the drill holes for wall studs using a stud finder if you’re mounting the sound bar against dry wall. Whenever possible line up the drill holes with a wall stud for extra support. You should note that dry wall anchors are separate from wood screws for a wall study and you’ll need to use the right one depending on the presence of a wall stud.

Double-check everything before you drill and follow the instructions in the sound bar manual. This section isn’t intended to replace the manual’s instructions. You should carefully review the manual before mounting your Samsung HW-K450 on the wall for any changes in this procedure.

Connecting the HW-K450 to your Television

Once your sound bar is mounted either on the wall or set on your furniture you have three options to connect your television. Samsung includes a digital optical cable but you could choose an HDMI cable, digital coaxial cable or TV Sound Connect for a Samsung television. We recommend using HDMI or TV Sound Connect to pair the HW-K450 sound bar to your television. The HDMI cable is not included but you can get them from or any local electronics store.

Your HDTV should have an HDMI port labeled “TV-ARC” or “audio return channel” which is the port you should use to connect the sound bar via HDMI. You’ll need to ensure the HDMI cable supports ARC as well or the connection will not work.

Samsung televisions that support TV Sound Connect can be paired with the HW-K450 wirelessly. You pair the television with the sound bar using the “source” button on the remote control. Select “source” until the display reads “TV” and you’ll get a prompt on the television to enable Sound Connect. Confirm the selection and your done! Honestly it couldn’t be easier to install the Samsung HW-K450 when you’re using Sound Connect.

How Good is the Warranty?

Samsung offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor without restrictions for commercial use, which is better than VIZIO and overall not bad for a large electronics company. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship on a product delivered new to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Making a warranty claim is a straightforward process of calling support and receiving a return authorization before shipping the product to Samsung. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to Samsung. If you want to read the warranty information for the HW-K450 sound bar you can follow this link.

Who Should Buy a Samsung HW-K450?

If your television is between 35” and 45” and placed in a medium sized room the Samsung HW-K450 would be an excellent entry-level sound bar. You’ll get good sound and virtual surround sound with the ability to expand the system to rear satellite speakers. You’ll get Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and stereo audio jacks if you just want a sound bar to play music in your game room or office.

If you have a Samsung television that supports TV Sound Connect and do not require 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound this would be an excellent sound bar for you. The subwoofer on this sound bar gives it some extra frequency ranges you won’t get on the basic “HW” series sound bar but for under $200 at you get a lot for your money.

We can’t recommend this sound bar if you’re looking for true Dolby Surround Sound due to the lack of channels. Even if you add the wireless rear speakers you won’t have true surround sound due to the technical limitations of the sound bar. You’ll have to buy a more expensive system if you want true theater quality surround sound but it still sounds good for a medium sized room or anybody who isn’t that particular about audio channels.

What do You Think About This Sound Bar?

Do you own a Samsung HW-K450? What do you like about the product? Have we missed something important in our article? Tell us what you think in the comments below and thank you for visiting!

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