Peter Bogdanovich on The Bob Edwards Show

Peter Bogdanovich is the director of The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, Daisy Miller,” and “Mask;” but is also known for his vast knowledge of filmmaking, and the amazing friends he made along the way. From the program’s introduction:

He is a lifelong student of motion pictures and is hosting “The Essentials,” a series on Turner Classic Movies. For the next hour, Peter Bogdanovich explains why certain films made his list of favorites—and how he and his work have been shaped by events in his personal and professional lives.

During his final-show “exit interview,” Bob mentioned that some of his favorite conversations were those where the guest performed impressions…and trust me, there are plenty of old favorites here, performed by Bogdanovich!

The “raw” interview (the interview as recorded in real time with Bob in his studio in Washington, D.C. and Peter in the Carnegie Hall studios in NYC, before being produced for radio) is here in the archives, and after listening to it I can tell you that producer Ed McNulty used almost every word in the aired interview. But with someone as erudite and knowledgeable as Bogdanovich, can you blame him?

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