Logitech x-230 Review

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Logitech x-230 Review

Logitech x-230 Review

A good set of computer speakers is important to have. Most everyone will use computer speakers at some point to watch a movie, play music for a party, listen to loud music at home or while playing a computer game.

One set of speakers that is quite popular with many people is the Logitech x-230 2.1-CH PC multimedia speaker system. Following is an overview of the Logitech x-230 speaker system, what features it has and does not have and what review sites have to say about this particular set of computer speakers.


The Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system comes with a ported subwoofer that connects to the computer. This speaker set provides real time bass equalization which helps to enhance the bass response and minimize any distortion that may be present. The speakers use a total of forty watts of power.

The ported subwoofer has been designed to displace air; this enhances the depth of the bass. The speakers have a headphone jack for private listening, master volume and subwoofer level controls that are accessible and easy to use as well as satellite speaker stands. The stands can be rotated as needed, making it easy for one to mount these speakers on the walls of his or her home.

Logitech x-230 Multimedia Speaker System Reviews

Most Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system reviews are very positive. It seems that nearly everyone who has bought these speakers have found them to be a very good value for the money. Many users have commented that these speakers provide clear, clean sound.

The clarity, depth and accuracy of the sound is very high and a person listening to music will get the feeling of having the band playing right there in the house. The sub-woofer is quite powerful, despite its small size and the fact that the whole set is relatively lightweight.

Many people have also commented on the fact that theses speakers are very easy to install. The color coded audio cables make it easy for anyone to install these speakers in five or ten minutes at the most. Logitech has also provided an easy to follow owner’s manual along with the speakers so that anyone can get the speakers up and running without having to call in customer service.

Another advantage of these speakers is that they are very durable. Many users have commented that they have had a Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system for years and it is still working well and providing clear and powerful sound. It seems that Logitech has accomplished the seeming impossible in creating speakers that are not only high quality but also cheap enough for almost anyone to buy.

However, while the X 230 Logitech multimedia speaker system gets rave reviews from hundreds of customers, this speaker system does have its downsides. It is important to realize, as the old saying goes, that “you get what you pay for.” A person who is spending well under $100 for a speaker system should not expect the best possible quality. These speakers are loud enough for an at home party or even a small outdoor party in one’s yard, but they are not loud enough to provide good, clear sound for a large party or gathering.

Another problem that a number of users have pointed out is that the bass can be overbearing for those who do not appreciate heavy bass. While this can be adjusted using the settings on the sub-woofer, adjusting the bass does have an effect on the volume and clarity of the music overall.

Another complaint that some users have mentioned is that these speakers are very lightweight. While some would consider this to be an advantage, others have found that lightweight speakers are easily toppled over, especially when placed on a cluttered table or desk.

Tips on Buying the Logitech x-230 Multimedia Speaker System

The Logitech x-230 2.1 multimedia speaker system does appear to be a good buy, especially for those who are looking for quality speakers at a good price. It is not hard to find the Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system for sale. Most major department stores sell this speaker set, as do various online retail websites.

A person who has a limited budget may want to consider buying these speakers used or refurbished. However, used speakers do not usually come with a warranty, meaning that if they are defective one will lose the money spent. It is usually best to invest in either new or refurbished speakers.

Refurbished Logitech x-230 speakers are speakers that have been returned, shipped back to the company and repaired using all new parts. While these speakers are not “new”, they do often come with a warranty and work just as well as brand new Logitech x-230 speakers.

When shopping for a Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system, it is often a good idea to check out what online retail sites have to offer. Online retailers have a lower overhead than traditional brick and mortar stores and are thus able to offer better prices.

However, even online retail stores do not have uniform prices, so it is always a good idea to do a bit of price comparison when shopping for a Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system. Using a shopping comparison site is quick and easy, and it can save one a considerable amount of money. Some well known sites that sell these speakers include Amazon.com and Buy.com, but there are other sites that offer Logitech x-230 speakers as well.

When shopping online, it is important to look not only at the cost but also at the online retailer’s shipping policy. Some online retailers offer free shipping but most charge a small fee, especially if the speakers are sent via next day shipping. Shipping fees may also be determined in part by where the buyer lives.

In Summary:

It is important to do a bit of research before buying computer speakers. There are many speakers systems out there and some are better than others. It is also important to consider where and how the speakers will be used. Furthermore, a person with limited means should also consider the cost of a speaker set and set a reasonable price limit according to his or her budget.

The Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system is a good buy for those who are looking for high quality speakers for personal use. They are durable and will last for years. They provide clear, clean, powerful sound that is sure to make listening to music, playing a computer game or watching a movie enjoyable and relaxing. These speakers can also be easily used for small gatherings of friends or relatives.

However, while the Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system gets rave reviews from hundreds of customers, they are not perfect. They have small disadvantages, such as an overly powerful bass system. The fact that these speakers are also very lightweight may be considered a disadvantage by many people, although others would argue that lightweight speakers are better than heavier ones.

All in all, however, it appears that the Logitech x-230 multimedia speaker system provides excellent value for the money, are easy to install and use and work very well in the right setting.

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