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Our TOP Picks for The Best Sennheiser Earbuds

Sennheiser earbuds are comfortable and they give excellent sound quality. Nowadays, there are so many earbuds on the market with extra features that’s it’s getting quite complicated to figure out which ones are worth grabbing and which just have a lot of un-needed bells and whistles. For instance, you can get the noise cancellation earbuds and wireless earbuds with Bluetooth capabilities all with a good price tag.

Some of the common things you must consider before buying earbuds:

  1. You must check the product specifications like price, quality, and then brand.
  2. Just take a trial of your earbuds to make sure that it perfectly fits into your ear or not.
  3. Give most preference to wireless earbuds with Bluetooth facilities. If you buy these Bluetooth earbuds, check the transmission range.
  4. And finally, make sure that your earbuds comes with sweat resistant and then noise cancellation features.

7 Best Sennheiser Headphones Comparison Chart

PictureProductPricePopularityOur ratingReviews
1Sennheiser IE80 Headphone$$$60%Check on Amazon
2Sennheiser Momentum$$75%Check on Amazon
3Sennheiser IE60$$40%Check on Amazon
4Sennheiser CX 686G$$75%Check on Amazon
5Sennheiser PMX 686G$$55%Check on Amazon
6Sennheiser CX 300 II$$95%Check on Amazon
7Sennheiser CX 5.00i$$45%Check on Amazon

7 Sennheiser Earbuds Reviews

#1 Sennheiser IE80 Headphones

Sennheiser IE80 Headphones Reiew


  • You can easily fit these earbuds comfortably in your ears, and they are perfect for long-time wear due to their lightweight design.
  • These come with an interchangeable cable so you can be more comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
  • It delivers high-quality and accuracy audio.
  • It reduces the 20 dB of background noise.
  • The cost of this product is quite inexpensive, and it is available in all showrooms. Shipping charges are free those who are all buying this product through online.


  • The company does not provide any discount offers to this product
  • It comes with only limited color like black, silver and then titanium.
  • You may lose your hearing capacity level due to the regular usage of this headphone because it delivers the high-end audio quality 😉

This product comes with high-end audio so you can enjoy with high-quality music. This is the wonderful device to use in your leisure time. The company provides two years of the warranty period and also the rate of this earbuds is also inexpensive. It contains neodymium magnets and it provides the clarity audio and then you can enjoy the accuracy of your music.

You can connect this earbuds to your home device or any of 3.5mm headphone sockets. This is a wired headphone. It comes with the dynamic speaker system, so it delivers the high quality of audio to you.


  1. Easy to Adjust: Based on your choice, you can adjust your headphone sound as high, medium and then down the bass.
  2. Noise cancellation feature: It comes with the features of noise cancellation system. With the help of this system, it completely reduces the background noise.
  3. Compatibility: This headphone is more compatible with iPod, iPhones, and CD players and also the weight of this headphone is lightweight, so you can easily wear this for more than long hours.

Finally, this device is perfect for those who want to enjoy their free time with music. This product satisfies the customer needs, and then the overall rating of this wonderful headphone is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

#2 Sennheiser Momentum in-ear

Sennheiser Momentum


  • It is comfortable. It does not heat up your ears, so they’re perfect for long journeys.
  • It comes with the remote controls so you can easily answer phone call hands-free.
  • This is the best headphone which supports many devices in the market like iPhone, iPod and even it supports android tablets also.
  • It delivers 110 dB of sound.


  • This headphone comes with limited warranty and also there is no money back guarantee
  • This headphone is available only online

Mostly, the headphones are a more comfortable device to listen to music or audio files. There are a lot of headphones available on the market, but only a few of them offer comfort and quality audio sound. As the same, this in-ear headphone is considered to be the best on the market and some even consider it a solid Bluetooth ear protection device as well as a pair of earbuds.

This headphone is specially designed for music lovers. It comes with an attractive design. When compared to the price of this product in the market, it comes with very cheap rate but the quality of this product is good. You can’t ever see this type of headphones in the market.


  1. Comfort: These headphones come with back closed, and then the ear pads are made up of using leathers, so it gives more comfortable to wear.
  2. Version: This in-ear headphone comes in iOS version.
  3. Good design: It comes in unique color of brown. It contains the features like sleek line control unit; it helps to control your music and then phone calls.
  4. Lightweight: When it comes to the weight of this product, it is 192 grams, and also it is easily fit around your head, so you never feel like as a heavy load. It comes with the single pin of 3.5mm connector.

You can also buy this product using the EMI offers.

#3 Sennheiser IE60

Sennheiser IE60 Reiew


  • It gives more comfort while hearing the music.
  • You can easily attend your phone calls with these earbuds.
  • You get the cleaning tool.
  • The company provides free home delivery services if you buy them through their online store.


  • It comes with the limited warranty

These headphones are reliable, and also it delivers the superior quality of sound. These IE 60 headphones come with noise cancellation system. If you are in heavy traffic, this noise cancellation system helps to completely reduce your background noise.

The sounds of this headphone are very good. You should really enjoy your favorite music with this headphone. The price of this earbuds is low. It comes with an attractive design, and it is really impressive. It fits for those who are all waiting to buy a quality headphone in the market.


  1. Awesome sound clarity: It hails from dynamic speaker system with powerful neodymium magnets which deliver the high quality of sound.
  2. Ambient noise: It contains the ambient noise up to 20 dB, so you will never hear outside noise, even if you’re listening to music on the jobsite.
  3. Lightweight design: This headphone almost supports all apple devices like iPod, iPhones, iPod Nano, mp3 and then CD players. The weight of this head phone is 4.8 ounces.
  4. You can get the interchangeable cable with this headphone, and then the frequency response of this headphone is 10-18 Hz. It comes in red and silver so it will attract you.

The cost of this excellent headphone is very low, and also it supports almost all devices of apple and then android devices. This is one of the main advantages of this headphone.

#4 Sennheiser CX 686G

Sennheiser CX 686G Review


  • It is oval shaped, and the Para aramid reinforced cable prevents you from tangling. This cable is specially manufactured for the reduction of cable noise.
  • It is less in weight and also low in price. This is the fifth generation sports level headphones, so it gives the attractive look and style.
  • The ear canal of this headphone delivers the high volume of sound so you can enjoy your favorite music without any disturbances.
  • It is water resistant and also washable.


  • If you directly buy this headphone from Sennheiser dealer, you will get the two years of warranty support. Otherwise, you don’t get.
  • When comparing to the other headphones in the market, it delivers the lower quality of sound

This model supports only android devices. It comes with more demand on the market because it is very cheap rate when comparing to the other headphones.

The design is very attractive, it comes with excellent attractive colors of green with black so you should really enjoy the color of this headphone. It is specially designed for android users. You can easily connect with your smart phones. For that, you no need to install any application.


Some of the best features of this product are as follows,

  1. Wired: It is wired, and the cable of this headphone is very flexible so you can easily carry with your handbags or any pant pockets.
  2. Ease of use: With this cable you can get the small remote connections, it helps to control the audio volume and then phone calls. If you are driving a car or bike, you don’t need to use your hand to attend the phone calls, just press the remote button you will suddenly connect to the calls.
  3. Comfort: It contains the special features of anti-bacterial ear adapters, so it is perfectly fit into your ear.

#5 Sennheiser PMX 686G

Sennheiser PMX 686G Review


  • This pair of earbuds are water resistant. It is specially crafted with new moisture resistant materials.
  • These come with Sterni touch anti-bacterial ear adapters, which helps to fit perfectly into your ear.
  • It provides the ultra-light weight head band for user comfort. The cables of these earbuds are very flexible to use so they are easy to carry and wear for long periods of time.


  • There is no EMI offer to this product

This headphone features a stylish design. This is perfectly designed for the sports person. You can use this headphone during the time you take workout in the gym so you feel relax. This is perfectly fit around your neck. It will not fall in any situation.

Mostly, Sennheiser products deliver the high quality of sound. As the same, this headphone also delivers the quality of sound with high accuracy. It contains the noise cancellation system so it reduces the background noise completely.


  1. Easy to adjust: You can get small remote which is attached in the cable itself so you can easily turn up/down the volume as much as you want and they also support your mobile phone, so using the jack you can easily connect these to your smartphones.
  2. Easy to attend calls: You can get one special button with this headphone, using this button you can easily attend the calls.
  3. Compact design: The innovative design of this headphone provides the user comfort and also it enhances the user look.
  4. Good sound quality: This headphone provides HD quality sound similar to a soundbar but in earbud form.

#6 Sennheiser CX 300 II

Sennheiser CX 300 II Review


  • The dynamic speaker system helps to get the quality of sound and then it is durable in nature.
  • This headphone is water-resistant.
  • It does not emit sound to outside so it might not disturb others.


  • This headphone is available only in the unique color of black and then silver
  • It comes with heavy weight when compared to the other Sennheiser headphones. The weight of this product is 8 ounces.

Sennheiser CX 300 ii one of the best products from this company. The people who all want the high quality of headphone with the lowest price, this is the best choice. Based on the customer comfort, it comes with a lot of features and then additional facilities.

This product is available in all show rooms. You can enjoy a variety of music with fine accuracy and it can able to deliver the high definition sound. It is comfortable to fit into your ear. Using this headphone you can run, jump, and then walk, whatever you want you can do with this headphone. This is perfectly suitable for long time journey.

Features of Sennheiser CX 300 ii

  1. Quality: It contains the dynamic transducers. This transducer delivers the quality of sound. This is the latest released headphone but it satisfies millions of customer needs.
  2. Good Support: It contains the impedance of 16 ohms. It helps to support the devices like smart phones, tablets, etc.
  3. Portable: It comes with 1.2m of asymmetric cable. The cable of this headphone is flexible and it does not occupy more space so you can easily carry with you at all time.
  4. Good performance: This headphone ear tips is made up of using the silicon. This silicon stabilizes the volume level so you can able to hear the clear sounds.

The cost of this headphone is very low but it delivers the high-quality. It comes with a long period. One of the main benefits of this headphone is it does not warm your ear so you can enjoy your favorite music continuously.

#7 Sennheiser CX 5.00i


  • Using the remote button, you can turn up and down the volume of your music and then you can control your phone call
  • You can get extra earbuds with different sizes. You can replace this earbuds whenever you want.
  • It provides the excellent sound and it comes with more durability.


  • Sound quality is not so good as others Sennheiser headphones

This is one of the best headphones comes with more comfort. The cost of this headphone is also low, so you can save 57% of the money.

Based on the customer comfort, the company delivers more extra features and then additional facilities, so it is the good comfortable headphone to listen music. It reduces the environment noise while you hear songs without any interference from the outside.


  1. Good sound clarity: This headphone is not only used to hear music but also you can use it to attend your phone calls. This headphone delivers good sound clarity.
  2. Support: it supports many devices such as Samsung galaxy and apple iOS etc.
  3. Lightweight: The weight of this product measures 4.8 ounces but don’t fear about the weight as it is comfortable to wear.
  4. Comfort: The connector of this headphone comes with 3.5mm like a right angled, so it is perfectly fit into your smartphones.

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