Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Find The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Here!

Lets all accept that we live in a noisy world. Screaming, shouting, music playing way too loud, cars honking and so on all seem to be invading our life every minute. Haven’t you ever wished for some solitude?

Well, if you have, then you should think about cancelling the irritating noises around you with a great set of noise cancelling earbuds headphones. Noise cancelling earbuds are helpful when you want to be quiet for some time and you want the world too to be quiet for that period of time.

These headphones use microphones and collect any surrounding noise and dispatch the frequency which is opposite to the noise so that you hear nothing. What they do is that they pick up the sound and after that, they create inverse waves which is sent back to the headphones.

These inverse waves are what stop the sound. Thus, they cancel the background voices and hence the name.

Are you looking for the best Sennheiser earbuds? Or maybe a reliable job site radio?

These days, you get different noise cancelling headphones which you can use while traveling or even for daily use. These will prevent any sort of intruding background noise from entering your ear, so that you hear lesser noise and make you feel you are in quiet surroundings.

Though they may clear off background noise, you will still get to hear human voices and even sound of traffic. These ear buds are perfect to use while you are traveling. They will help you enjoy some quiet time but at the same time, you are also able to hear important announcements while you are at the airport or railway station or hear the noises of vehicles if you are walking on the street. 

Most of such headphones available are easy to use and thus convenient. In today’s noisy environments, getting a noise cancelling ear buds will help you get some peace into your life and enjoy some great ‘me’ time.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Reviewed

Check out our in-depth reviews of what we have found to be the very best noise cancelling earbuds you can invest in today…

#1 Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20 Review


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Controls the active noise cancellation
  • Designed for Comfort
  • Long battery life that comes with a LED light to show while charging


  • Expensive
  • With the battery attached, it becomes a little bulky and occupies space just like any other earphone

These noise cancelling headphones are a best buy for music lovers. The Tripoint technology and Active EQ deliver high quality audio and cut out the noise from surroundings. So, if you are looking to indulge in your favorite music, this the ear piece to go for. These are the best option if you travel a lot by train or air as they reduce the active noise.

Earphones and Ear Tips: These are comfortable to wear as they just feel like resting in your ears rather than dig into. All these and to add, they deliver good sound. The little holes on the ear phone panel help to cancel the noise and the ear tips are made of smooth silicon material that seals the earphone to your ear and thus reduce the external noise. There are 3 sizes of ear tips available for this earphone which are designed to monitor the noise and allows enjoying music. The best of these three would be the largest ear tip that fits very well and cancels the noise more effectively.

These compact, really light weight earphones come in a zippered cloth case which makes it good for travel as well as keeps it safe. The wire is about 53” long and has a sliding clip that can be attached to shirt also.

Bose also offers the QuietComfort 35 ii model which we have also done an indepth review of.

Battery: With a rechargeable battery life of up to 16hrs one can listen to music continuously for 12 hrs and once the battery drains out, listen to music without the noise control. There is a LED light that shows up when it’s on charging. There is also a 12” long USB cable in the pouch that is used for charging the battery and the battery takes 2 hours to charge completely from the empty point.

Remote Control: The ear phone also has a small remote kind of control at the y junction leading to the ear buds. It helps in controlling music and to make calls as well. There’s an inline battery with which you can also control the noise cancellation and talk to the outside world without detaching the ear phone.

Noise Cancellation: Though the earphones claim for noise cancellation, only the moderate frequency noises can be eliminated. High pitch noise can still be heard.

Sound: The most important work of earphones, Sound! These Bose earphones give a balanced and clear sound. One can clearly hear the beats and completely engages one into music.

#2 Shure SE846-CL

Shure SE846-CL Review


  • Great comfort
  • Secure and fits on the ears
  • Balanced Tone
  • Dynamics are strong
  • Detailed music/sound


  • Very expensive
  • No remote control or microphone

Ones search for high Class performance and portable piece of ear phones would end at Shure’s SE846-CL. The impressive build inside the transparent body is awesome. It offers a balance of tone with a smooth fit of the ear phones and the curved shape at the enclosures of the ear piece that sits comfortably.

They come with many accessories which makes it very alluring.The transparent body is not gorgeous to look at, but certainly shows off all the technology used – pretty neat to see the setting of technology!

Ear Phones: This piece of ear phones smoothly fit into the ear buds and the cable at the end just wraps around the ear ensuring security. There are a total of 9 pairs of ear tips and give us options of foam and silicone materials.  One pair is a signature ear tips made of foam last longer than any other foam ear tips. These ear tips that are shipped with this ear phone just allow the users to adjust them according to his convenience and give a good seal.

The ear phones are to be rest on your ear instead of how a regular one is done. This way, the noise of cable rubbing against your clothes or accessories is totally avoided. This fit might not be a preference first, but certainly is more secure and comfortable too!

There is a hard plastic case is also given to carry the headphones.

Cable: The cable is made of nickel plated copper, slightly thicker and hence is very sturdy. It comes in a transparent plastic body and is detachable at the ear piece which gives an option to be attached to other cables if you want a lengthier cable or a y junction one. The thicker wrapping around the ear might be stiff and not so comfortable. The fit might be specific from person to person.

Sound: Nevertheless to say that the sound quality of these ear phones is just awesome. For the people who love bass, this just gives the right amount of punch and does not hurt the ear. They just deliver even the last nodes of your music so crisply. The notes of music feel so naturally and every beat is differentiated. The built in bass-tuning technology of sub-woofer delivers solid music at a low frequency as well. The instrumental music is separated from the notes.

The volume adapter that connects to the end of the cable of ear piece can be fitted to anything, a headphone adapter, an airline jack or any other jack.

#3 Bose Quietcontrol 30

Bose Quietcontrol 30 Review


  • Great noise control facility
  • Good sound quality
  • Good for everyday use
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • The plastic band may be uncomfortable
  • Battery life

An extension to Bose Quiet Control 20, and for the ones who hate wires, these wireless earphones can be connected to Bluetooth will be the best option.

Earphones and Ear Tips: This is completely wireless and the successor of Quiet Comfort 20. The earphones are connected through wire to a plastic band which fits properly around ones neck. The earphones are just comfortable as they fit exactly into ear buds without any pressure as they also have the Bose’s Stay Hear+ tips. The plastic band might be a little uncomfortable to a few as it may move around on the neck or might get stuck to items on the neck. All the electronics and battery are inbuilt on the neck band, thus allowing one for a good movement and not get tangled in the wires. Also might be uncomfortable for people with thick necks.

The headphone has volume control buttons and microphone as well to make calls.

These come with a protective case that is easy to carry.

Connectivity to Bluetooth: The music starts to skip slightly if there is a slight distance in connectivity between the gadget and this earphone.

Battery: It has a 10 hours batter life. One can hear music for a continuous 8 hours maximum and once the battery off, they cannot be used as they depend on Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a small flap for the micro USB that can be used for charging and the LED lights on the inside of the band light up when it is charging.

Remote control: The in-line remote control lies on the wire of right ear phone that goes to the plastic band. That’s where the noise cancellation buttons are given.

Noise Cancellation: This gives you the ability to control the level of noise with 12 levels. These can be controlled either with the buttons on the in-line remote control or through Bose app. However, one can still hear people talking in the office. So, it is not a good option for those who would be traveling with this. As these are wireless earbuds, they cannot be connected to any other gadgets.

Sound: The sound of the headphone changes according to the frequency and volume of music. Hence, for more bass, you need to set the ear phone at low volume and at high volume, music has less frequency.

Overall, Bose Quiet Control 30 would be a good option for everyday use with the ear tips being comfortable and a mid-battery life.  Also the noise control function is great.

#4 Shure SE535-V

Shure SE535-V Review

Additional Features:

  • Rugged ergonomic housing: Built to withstand on-stage and everyday wear. It is also sweat resistant.
  • Triple High Definition Micro Drivers: They provide dual woofers and single tweeter per channel for spacious sound and rich bass.
  • Internal crossover: It provides clarity in noise by routing higher frequency to a dedicated tweeter and lower frequency to dual woofers.
  • Acoustic Seal: Routes direct audio signals to nozzles
  • Shock isolator: Shock protector that guards drivers against sudden impacts
  • Nozzle: provides efficient audio delivery and ergonomic fit

Sound Isolating Ear Phone is triple high defined micro drivers. They have sound isolating design and utilize dual woofers and a dedicated tweeter to convey roomy sounds with rich bass. They come with a premium fit-kit that contains a removable cable which facilitates easy substitute. The earphones provide a secure and comfortable fit. The sound isolating sleeves make available up to 37Db of isolation. They contain different accessories that offer utmost customization. The well made wires ensure secure placement over ear. These have grown from personal monitoring technology which have been fine-tuned by Shure engineers and road tested by professional engineers. They come with various colors. Most of them are clear, bronze or red.

The detachable wires are easy to carry and are accompanies with tools like carrying case, cleaning tool kit, adapters, volume control and user guide and instructions. Whether you are on on-stage or on-the-go or in any crowded location, the earphones isolate the external sound and give you the best sound to hear.

The quality is best suited for listening and monitoring. The earphones deliver thorough audio whilst blocking most background noise. The ergonomic and rugged build provide long lasting durability and comfort for everyday or on-stage usage. The comfortable customized fit is promised by two fold isolated sleeves. These are also used for blocking ambient noise. Since for every ear it is different, there are three sizes available, S L and M for soft flex sleeves.

It is light weight, optimized nozzle angle with a low profile shape which is crafted to be ear comfy. They provide the unmatched comfort and ease to keep it even for long period of time.


The headphones are complex and are more expensive than regular ones, since these have to use noise – cancellation technology. The circuitry may sometimes provide high frequency hiss. They can be bulkier and heavier than standard headsets. They are best suited for environments where there are a lot of loud noises. The internal components may use considerable amount of power. Some of the sets get power from internal replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. While some people complain about the humming effect in their ears when they wear them, those who are sensitive may need to limit their usage.

#5 Phiaton BT 220 NC

Phiaton BT 220 NC Review

A Few Pros and Cons Summarized:

  • Noise cancellation Headphones block sound: As the name suggests, they work accordingly. The sound is blocked and no outside noise is heard.
  • Music volume does not need to be high: You need not crank the volume up to enjoy your music. Thereby, you can save your ear drums too.
  • Lower Music provides Richer Listening Experience: Noise cancelling headphones allow users to turn the volume down and hear the music with clarity and every musical note can be heard in detail.
  • Great for traveling: While traveling, you can avoid the disturbance of outside noise with noise cancelling technology.
  • Cost: Noise Cancelling Headphones are little more costly than standard headphones. It is usually 10 times costly than the regular ones.
  • High Power Usage: The battery and power usage is more. But, the battery can be replaceable or rechargeable.
  • Quality of sound: Sometimes there might be a compromise with noise cancelling headphone about the hissing sound, which people experience initially. People with sensitive ears have to get used to that sound; however, it might improve over a period of time.

The wireless, Bluetooth enabled and noise cancelling earphone combines the best characteristics in a ear phone today. The earphones contain Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC or near field communication technology. The NFC establishes communication with other portable device. The sound quality is improved and provides a greater range of extended battery life with the BT 220 NC’s Bluetooth 4.0.

95% of active background noise is blocked. You can use any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smart phone, tablet, personal computer or MP3 players. The technology used is CVC (clear voice capture), which makes calls crystal clear for the person on the other end of the line clear. The apt-X enhances overall dynamic range and boosts digital streaming efficiency. You can enjoy our favorite music without being bothered about noise or backgrounds sounds. The technology BT 220 NC abandons the low frequency noise.

The battery life is very long. It provides up to 300 hours of standby, 17 hours of music listening time and16 hours of call time. The inline music controls allow you to make changes to the songs without you having to locate the device. You can mute your music, without having to remove your device. The powerful drivers provide accurate and pure sounds.

The Phiaton earphone box comes with USB charging cables, BT 220 NC earphones, Audio cables (you can switch between audio cable and Bluetooth as per your choice), silicon ear tips, neck strap, quick guides and instruction details.

#6 B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen

B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Review


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sound is very natural and appealing
  • Battery life is very good
  • Control of ANC feature
  • Sizes of Ear tips that lets you choose according to your comfort


  • Might not be a good option for bass lovers.
  • Though B&O claims the cable to be tangle resistant, it is not so

With many brands of earphones available in the market, a few people always choose B&O for the fact that they have been making earphones since 1978 and that makes the difference in the built in terms of design and technology. Here we talk about BeoPlay H3 which targets the individuals who want to enjoy music without any ambient noise or disturbance from outside world. So, let’s review the BeoplayH3 active aby Bang and Olufsen.

Design: This piece of earphone available in black, silver and champagne colors is a compact, lightweight earphone made in stainless steel and weighs only 40 grams. The look of the ear phones is very subtle and these earphones blend very well rather than being loud or bold. All these features add to its luxury feel. The rechargeable battery works up to 20 hours of continuous music with ANC which makes H3 active awesome. After the battery runs out, you can still listen to music but without the ANC. There is also a button given to control the ANC feature. The battery charging time from point zero is 2.5 hrs. There is a flight adapter, UBS to micro USB cable and a stylish carry case that come with these earphones.

There are two types of H3 active available- one with a remote control for Android devices and the other for IOS devices.

Earphone: The rounded design of the earbuds is such that they do not dig into ears and hence are very comfortable. There are four sizes of eartips that come with this are made of soft rubber have an airtight fit and has inline control system and even a microphone. The inbuilt “anti-noise” function ensures noise cancellation. The cord length of 1.3 m is very convenient and is tangle resistant.

Sound: The tiny air vents on the earphone have a better and great performance of sound. The detailing of music is excellent and hence, this would be a good set of earphones if you are someone who looks for a balance of sound rather than any preference to jazz or bass or pop anything else. The drivers in the earphone deliver a crisp without any over doing in the high nodes and hence the outcome of balanced music.

#7 Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint’s

Audio Technica ATH-ANC23


  • The ATH ANC23 looks great in size and style.
  • The black ear buds are angled and have a dark grey finished.
  • It has an on off switch with small silver accent.
  • Controlling is very easy call/music control, volume control; additional buttons are there on it.
  • Stability and portability wise also its reaching the satisfactory levels of the consumer.
  • And pouch or case, building quality, front angled view, side, and top views also its gives great and look


  • The product is good; however, sometimes due to its make, the noise cancelling becomes limited.

These headphones are regarded as one of the best product with the most efficient results. Even the cost of it is quite moderate; which means it is easily affordable. They can manage highest 99% of noise reduction of sounds.

When it comes to features of the product, we can say extremely satisfactory features on it for handling also it is very easy. 12mm drivers deliver good audio quality. Precision noise cancelling that reduces up to 99%.. Foam adapters give comfortable fitting to the ears. And can say that it is ideal or suitable or usable for all branded phones. it is very effective for reducing the continuous sounds. If sound quality is important for the consumer they can easily go for it and opt it.

When you compare globally, Audio Technica is a world leading company. When we compare the rating with the other products of other brands we can observe that it has received 5 ratings. When we observe it always the stock is in market very demanded. The engineers created it comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise. The ear pieces are so softy touch. They are released in the different versions like interchange that is small, medium, and large. It is released the numbers with ATH -ANC23BK with wire connector.

Advantages of Audio –Technica ATH ANC23 Quiet Point

It has warranty support with one year. People got tired all those noise pollution around you, be it honking horns or tumbling noise from outside. It is available on many online websites like amazon, ebay, Walmart etc. And it has got battery life that can last up to 6 hours. With this noise cancelling option we can blackout back ground noise so we can easily relax and listen to music. It is available in different color black and white. When we observe the output or body of it has designed in very light weighted with control modules. And relatively portable and angled one.

#8 SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones


  • It lends great sound and its noise reduction capability is quite high.
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 lends the best sound quality.
  • It has a 8-hour battery life, which is quite long for any battery.
  • It fits well on the ears and at the same time, it is comfortable to put on.
  • The flat wire is another reason for its convenience.


  • Its bulkiness can be off-putting.
  • The function buttons sometimes tend to stick and that can be a hassle.
  • It has got good signal but if you are looking for a very strong signal, this device isn’t for you.

With great features and technology, SENSO Bluetooth Headphones are one of the best noise cancelling earbuds of today. It has Bluetooth 4.1 and HD stereo earbuds which makes noise cancelling more efficient. Its earhooks are pretty light and thus very easy on the ears. Unlike other earbuds, these don’t cause you any pain in your ears. It is also very stable and that means, while working out or running, these headphones will remain glued to your ear. The best feature is the battery life which actually lasts for more than 8 hours which means you can use it for your entire workout session and then for your music therapy and also for your movie watching. It feels as if you are forever using it and still the battery continues to remain alive.

With Bluetooth 4.1, you have a great audio experience while you are watching a movie or a video. There is no mismatch between the two. Inferior Bluetooth devices can cause delays which means even if the delay is for half a second, the visuals on the video and the sound doesn’t match, which can be quite irritating. But with this Bluetooth, you get to enjoy your audio and video both.

As for sound quality, they are really one of the best choices. They lend a deep bass and clear trebles. Of course, as noise cancelling earbuds go, their ability to cancel surrounding noise is what its USP is. So much so they are often used as ear plugs for loud music. With CVC 6.0 noise suppression, you get full clearance from bothersome sounds of the surroundings. It means even if your room partner is watching TV in the same room, you can actually create your own space and listen to your favourite music without any disturbance from the glaring TV.

The built-in mic ensures that you are able to attend to your phone calls as well and it can be done while you are still listening to your music. They are waterproof as well, so you do not have to worry about it all the time. Another feature that is beneficial is that it is sweatproof as well, that means it is the right companion for your gym sessions. It also has easy controls if you wish to raise or lower the volume or if you want to skip or pause or even if for playing, and that means your hands are always free. Since it is compatible with other Bluetooth devices, you can use it all the time anywhere. In fact, you can connect it with two mobile phones at the same time. For those who would like their headphones to look stylish, this is the right one to go for. Along with great benefits and features, they look good so, you have a winning combination there with SENSO Bluetooth devices.

#9 Bluephonic HD Beats


  • The battery lasts for 8 hours, which allows for nonstop listening.
  • It is moisture resistant, that means you can use it all the time without worry.
  • The Bluetooth version 4.1 and CVC 6.0, they offer the best sound quality and noise cancellation technology.
  • Great compatibility with other Bluetooth devices which makes pairing super easy
  • The package includes a travel case and 3 size ear tips, along with a micro charger and manual guide.


  • The earbuds are comfortable but a little heavier than the usual headphones, so those with sensitive ears may find it little uncomfortable.
  • There can be some distortion in the sound with music forms like hiphop, at times.

It is definitely built to last and with features such as water and sweat proof, it will. One of the best features is its pairing up capacity. It can be paired with any devices easily. All you have to do is press the logo sign which can be found on the right headphone. This will make them blink oscillating between two colours, red and blue, which means it is ready to pair. Then you can go to the other device, be it your smartphone or your tablet and find the devices listed under ‘Bluephonic’. That’s all. The best feature of a noise cancelling earbuds has to be the sound quality. With CVC 6.0 it offers the best noise cancellation, thus allowing to completely concentrate on your workout or your music. With Bluetooth 4.1, you get the optimum audio experience. It also gives you deep bass which heightens the quality of your audio.  Thus, no matter which sound you are listening to or which music you want to hear, the sound quality assures you that you are able to listen to it without any distortion or disturbance.

Another amazing feature is the battery life which can last for 8 hours, that means the battery will last for quite a long time and that means you get your uninterrupted music sessions even after a hour-long workout session. It comes with a micro USB cable which allows you to recharge the battery in just 90 minutes. Thus, these headphones can be completely reliable when you are traveling or when you are out with friends.

Now for the look, that is another key feature of headphones. It has a slim look and you get them in three colors, black, white and even red. So, you can choose one as per your personality. Though they have a discreet design, they are better functioning than any other such device. Its right bud has some of the functional buttons and it also has a built-in microphone to enable you to make and receive phone calls. The letters, ‘L’ and ‘R’ are marked on each ear buds so that you need not get confused and you can wear them right away. It also comes with flexible hook which makes it possible to wear it comfortably and gives a firm grip.

The Bluetooth range that they offer is around 33 feet which means it is one of the best headphones in terms of range. The standby time of 240 hours is another best feature of the device.

#10 TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones


  • Great design, sleek and minimalist
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology
  • Battery life of 5 hours
  • Great compatibility with other devices, easy pairing process
  • Superior sound quality
  • Can be worn around the neck and thus accessible at all times
  • Affordable price


  • It can be static at times
  • The cord could be a little longer
  • The brand is not that well-known, though with features similar as other headphones

If you have been searching for the perfect workout headphone, then this one is for you. Their design is simple and they are extremely lightweight. A small wire is hung between the two ear buds. Made from metal alloy, the headphones really look stylish and posh. The hook enables you to attach the earbuds on to your ear comfortably and firmly, so that while you are working out, these buds don’t fall off. Though they remain attached to your ear lobes, they do not cause any inconvenience and that means, you can concentrate on your exercises without having to adjust or check the ear buds from time to time. Thus, they are not only useful during gym workouts but even while you are jogging or cycling or even skateboarding or hiking.

As for the sound quality, it works well with all kinds of music, the ones that have heavy bass and the ones that are soft. They also have CVC noise isolation technology which means it ably shuts down exterior voice. Its battery lasts for about 5 hours. They come with a micro USB charging wire and it just takes an hour to recharge the battery. It also has CVC 6.0 technology which is one of the finest technologies when it comes to noise cancellation.

They have also been made with a view for convenient carrying even while they are not in use. For example, when you are not using it and just hanging it around your neck, the earbuds can be grasped together as each bud has a magnetic backing. Thus, you can carry it around your neck and prevent it from falling off.  You get your own headphone necklace this way!

They can be easily paired and you can enjoy wireless freedom. The best thing is that they can be paired with almost all devices be it Android phones or a computer, a tablet or even iPhone. It also has a microphone built into them which allows you to make your phone calls and for this, you do not even have to unpair the devices. When you get a call, the music or the audio you are listening to is paused automatically, and you can either receive or cancel the call.  The price is much lesser compared to other popular brands but this is in fact, a great reason to buy the device as, though cheaper, they provide almost all the features as any other brand.

Choosing the best noise-cancelling headphones

Do a research on the different types of noise cancelling headphones available. Know their features and see what kind you would want to buy. You can look at the price, the design, the model, colour and so on before you decide. Understand that since these devices come with modern technology, the prices can be a little steep. So, if you want a device that lends supreme noise cancelling benefit, then you should buy the premium ones but if it is just to shut out office noise or the plane voice, then you can go for the cheaper ones. At these times, your research will help, as you may get great headphones at discounted price. So, keep looking.

If you are booking it online, then do read about all the features and the technology it has to offer. If you are buying them from a store, then try them and find how they work. The battery life and the warranty period are the two crucial factors that you should check while buying the earbuds. Also, find about the customer care services of the company, just in case, you will need to contact them for any queries.

Today, when there are awareness and discussions on the rising levels of noise pollution, using noise cancelling devices seems to be necessary. You are able to create your own space with these headphones. Generally, when we are listening to music, we tend to keep the volume higher if there is lot of noise around. But when you use noise cancelling earbuds, you can listen to the music even when it is at a low volume as these devices just shut the exterior noise, allowing peace and music to your ears, literally! Thus, in a way, these earbuds also contribute to better ear health because you need not keep the volume high when you are listening to music and also, they protect your ears from unruly and loud voice.

For those who are required to travel often or who love traveling, the noise cancelling earbuds can be quite handy because they will clear off the sound of the plane or the train engine and allow you a peaceful sleep. If you need to work on the train or plane or if you wish to concentrate on your reading, these earbuds come as the perfect fit.  Of course, there are added benefits as well, as using them can also lend the hands-free experience, so that you can make or receive calls without having to carry the phone in your hand.

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