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Best Eminence Speakers

Eminence speakers was founded under the logic that hard work will pay off and all who participate will reap the benefits of its success. With that reasoning, Eminence speakers has found itself, 45 years after its inception, enjoying the status of the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing company.

Eminence speakers prides itself in maintaining a dominant presence in the entertainment industry by building speakers that provide the ultimate sound. Bands of all genres seek to play their music at the highest quality, to keep their fans jamming to their tunes time and time again.

At Eminence speakers are not satisfied with creating speakers that provide a good sound; we provide speakers with nothing less than a great sound. Our creative authority in the speaker industry is second to none, and is recognized worldwide for our preferential attention to detail in every product we build.

No matter the sound you intend to perfect, whether you strum your guitar for your personal enjoyment, or are in a band that is bound to be the next great thing, Eminence speakers has something for everyone.

Logon to our website and match your genre with our tone checker to reveal a list of recommendations on speaker specifications, and the sounds they produce. Using the right speakers to output your sound is half the battle in sounding your best: Let Eminence speakers help guide you, by giving you all the information you need to choose your speakers wisely, and effectively.

Eminence speakers not only provide the highest quality sound to help keep our users’ competitive edge amongst their peers, but we also provide solutions. Our newest innovation is an all-digital, the first of its kind in the industry, programmable loudspeaker protector: D-FendÔ. D-FendÔ not only reduces heat output, it is digitally programmable, completely customizable and does not require an auxiliary connection.

Innovative technology keeps Eminence speakers at the forefront of sound by offering a Pro Audio series of speakers that are lightweight, without sacrificing quality.

Our Pro Series is available in four different categories including, our Professional Series, Neodymium Series, American Standard Series, and HF Products and components; each with double digit options to choose from within their respective groups, making your sound as unique as you are.

And for the guitar and bass players in all of us, we make our guitar-toting friends proud by offering the highest standard in guitar and bass sound in our aptly named Guitar/Bass category of speakers that includes world-renowned speaker series’ offerings including the Acoustic Series, for our strumming, low key, voice carrying customers, as well as our Patriot Series, Red Coat Series, as well as the ever present and backbone of our guitar loving sound; the Legend Series.

Last, but never least, our Bass Series. Eminence speakers knows how hard you work to make sure every note, riff and tone is perfect, in order to display your talent at a peak level. We would not expect any less from our clientele, and they know not to expect anything less from our speakers.

Our sound is pure, dominant, consistent and complementary to all the artists that use us. Every time they use us. Surpassing expectations has been a benchmark of Eminence speakers’ success. No reason to ruin a great thing.

Just when you thought we only made speakers for the big boys who rock it out on stage night after night, or who are perfecting their sounds in their own way, in front of their family and friends, we surprised the masses again by offering Eminence car speakers to our line up card.

We have been established in the car industry for over two decades, compiling and exuding brilliant sound in the form of our EminatorÒ Series. We have established seven car audio models that are as unique as their onstage counterparts, supplying sound fit for any audio enthusiast. With very little vibration, clear output and dominant sound quality, our Eminence bass speakers are built for some of the giants in the car audio industry, and are backed by a one year limited warranty to make believers out of music lovers everywhere.

As these speakers have evolved over the years to help contribute to the sound of music, while entertaining those of us who love it, we have also stayed true to our roots by providing custom manufacturing for our clients, without fail. We are one of only a handful of loud speaker companies that will build to the specifications you provide.

At Eminence speakers, we believe if you can design it, we can build it without sacrificing quality, output or design. Contact us today to speak to a custom engineer to help identify your sound needs, and to declare a budget, should you have one.

We are here to help you determine your needs as an individual or group, whether they are basic equipment questions, customized inquiries, or in case you know exactly what you want!

Allow us to get you there easily and efficiently. Your personalized needs are our command. If you would like to acknowledge our processes and policies before reaching out to an engineer, please feel free to logon to our website, and select the Custom/OEM Design link to learn more about how we can help you, your company or your customers.

While a lot of things have changed in the music industry, for nearly half a century, one thing has remained the same in its values, principles, commitment to quality, value and service: Eminence Speakers.

Although our integrity is unwavering, and our values are as important today as they were when we were founded, our commitment to staying current with the ever-evolving needs of artists and individuals alike, drives our success in the industry.

Our research and development department, as well as our highly trained engineers, intuitive staff, and undeniable attention to detail allow us to maintain the vision in which Eminence speakers was founded.

We are proud, devoted and diligent in our quest to design the perfect speaker. Join us on our journey, and experience the quality sound that the professionals enjoy when they are on stage. We know you are as good as they are. Let our speakers help give you the chance to prove it.

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