Al Gini and Eugene B. Bergmann on The Bob Edwards Show

Christo and Jeanne-Claude on The Bob Edwards Show

To celebrate the birthday of the host of this program, I am presenting here…a show I listened to a bit ago that was selected completely by random from the archives, originally airing Monday September 16, 2013.

First up on the program, Al Gini shares his research on what attributes make for a good leader compiled in his book 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leadership. He also talks a bit about what doesn’t make a good leader, and has some eerily-prophetic comments about the current resident of the White House (check that out around 25:30).

At the bottom of the hour, Bob is joined by Eugene B. Bergmann, whose segment made me think a lot about my friend Max Schmid from WBAI in New York. Bergmann talks about Jean Shepherd and tells Bob about his volume titled Shep’s Army: Bummers, Blisters, & Boondoggles.

Both segments produced by Ariana Pekary.

It was during the latter segment, toward the close, where Bob asks about Jean Shepherd, “What was it about his radio broadcasts that made his fans feel like he was a good friend?” That made me turn and stare at the speaker in my office, incredulous…my mind racing back across the decades to all of the times I was alone in a room, in a car, walking outside…with only Bob and his guest to keep me company. The intimacy of radio is inescapable, and the irony of the man who did this exact thing so often for so many of us asking this question stopped me in my tracks.

Bob Edwards has been that friend to all of us for his entire career. And let me say, just between you and me, that if some day you are actually able to call that “voice in the box” friend, well, now there’s a gift.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

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